Is My Struggle Your Struggle, Too?

People like to bitch and moan and whine. All the time, actually. They’re succumbing to the negativity ripple that they experienced from another human being that is further from enlightenment than you or I.

Instead of pouring their energy into positive change, into actively making the situation into a different situation to see if the new situation is either more or less comfortable, they are full of hot air that seeps out of them in puffs.

Anger. They’re expressing anger. There’s really nothing anger can do other than cause more anger, honestly. It’s a negative vibration we experience when we are refusing to feel sad. Nobody wants to be sad, you know. But we have to be sad sometimes, when we grieve things. We should grieve losses in general, not just humans that succumb to the natural force of entropy, just like they’re supposed to.

Anger is also the companion of fear. We all have fears instilled in us from outside forces. Fear the bees! Fear the spiders! ACK! A WORM! It’s gross! These traits were for survival once, but now they’ve been extrapolated to an extreme that translates into anything with more than four legs (or with no legs) should be summarily destroyed just because it shouldn’t exist.

You are going to hell for that outlook, my friends. You’ve become a psychopath. You have no cares in the world for the insects and other creepy crawlies that are here to tend to the soil we grow our food in. To pollinate the flowers that turn into fruit and vegetables. You are destroying humankind because you can’t bring yourself to live with the buggy kind.

I need a real man who isn’t going to get grossed out over the ant colony in my kitchen, the spiders and birds in my attic, the spiders in my basement, and the creepy crawlies in my soul. I love them all. Without spiders or even flies, life as we know it wouldn’t be possible. If all the flies died at once one day, then the spiders wouldn’t have nearly as much food, and the spiders would diminish.

That’s not so bad, is it? You psycho. You know what always happens after that?

Something insidious and dark that was kept at bay by the balance of nature will thrive unexpectedly and take over the world. I vote on it being cockroaches and rats. (Okay, so sue me, I just watched more Love Death + Robots.) It’s probably something we don’t even consider on a daily basis, such as centipedes.

Maybe if we’re extremely unlucky, it’ll be something from outer space. A bacteria that is randomly introduced into our environment that causes mutations we cannot foresee, which then causes a burst of genetic diversification to repopulate the Earth once all of humanity has been wiped out unexpectedly.

Congratulations, humanity! We’ve won our death sentence! I’ll see you in Hell, unless I escape it somehow because I love everything (but not everyone) on Earth.

I love lady bugs, Japanese beetles, dung beetles, ants, bees, wasps, spiders, centipedes, pill bugs (they probably have another name…), snakes, rats, mice, and all things meek, four legged, or furry. All things that act according to their nature instead of perverting nature for their own greed. I think that means everything except humanity. (And humanized chimpanzees.)

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