100 Compliments/48 Hours

  1. Nice shoes. Are they made of recycled leather?
  2. You’re a person-shaped person! It’s really phenomenal.
  3. Your eyes are as deep as pools.
  4. You look great today! I love it when my hair stands up straight on end.
  5. You’re an extremely bright cookie. The Cookie Monster would choose you first.
  6. You have impeccable manners. The G.O.D. approves.
  7. I like your style. It’s retro and avant garde all at once.
  8. You have the best laugh. I wish I could laugh like Ernie, too.
  9. Your biceps look like they’re made of rock. If we are what we eat, do you eat rocks?
  10. Your perspective is refreshing. Hit F5 again.
  11. You’re an awesome friend to someone not me. Probably. I think. Maybe? (I don’t have any friends. Yet.)
  12. You light up the room. I didn’t know it was the fourth of July already!
  13. You’re more helpful than you realize.
  14. Is that your picture next to “charming” in the dictionary?
  15. Your bravery astounds me. I wouldn’t wear those pants with that shirt, myself. I’m more of a paisley person.
  16. Aside from food, you’re my favorite. (Unless you become food… Metatron is pretty pissed off and wants to kill all humans. That’s a lot of meat to go to waste, you know, especially at the end of the world.)
  17. You’re even more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside.
  18. I’m so proud of you for wanting to make a difference in the world of today.
  19. I’m so proud of you for observing reality as it is.
  20. Your kindness is a balm to all who encounter it.
  21. Spread your wings and fly, little angel. You light up the world.
  22. You deserve a hug right now.
  23. You’re strong and resilient. I admire that in you.
  24. You are the most perfect you there is.
  25. You have the best laugh.
  26. You make a difference in this world.
  27. You’re so diligent. I’d say hard-working, but diligence beats that hands down.
  28. Your attention to detail astounds me. Thank you.
  29. Thank you for being you. Nobody else can take your place.
  30. You bring out the best in everyone around you.
  31. Your listening skills are out of this world. I always feel understood.
  32. Spending time with you is my favorite activity.
  33. You help make this world a better place. Thank you.
  34. You are the rainbow at the end of a storm.
  35. When you’re not afraid to be yourself is when you’re most incredible.
  36. Colors seem brighter when you’re around.
  37. You’re wonderful. I’m so happy to know you.
  38. What you dislike about yourself is what makes you different.
  39. You’re better than a triple-scoop ice cream cone. With sprinkles.
  40. Your support makes life bearable.
  41. Our community is better because you’re in it.
  42. You inspire me.
  43. You are one of a kind. There is no one quite like you and there will never be an exact replica. Don’t forget to smile and shine your beautiful light.
  44. You have the best ideas.
  45. I think you’re comprised of silver linings. I admire that.
  46. You’re a lantern in the dark, guiding those of us who are otherwise blind.
  47. You’re a great example to others.
  48. Your dedication to becoming a better person every day is awe-inspiring.
  49. You will survive the apocalypse because you are resourceful and cunning.
  50. We are lucky you are part of the solution rather than the problem.
  51. How many medals do you have for jobs well done?
  52. You have realized somewhere along the way that mistakes are inevitable because we are limited beings by our very nature. The fact that you fix them when you make them stands out to everyone around you.
  53. You are incredibly thoughtful and always do the right thing.
  54. Your creativity is admirable and inspiring.
  55. Actions speak louder than words. Your actions tell an incredible story.
  56. Somehow, you make time stop and fly at the same time.
  57. Your resolve is amazing; once you make up your mind, nothing stands in your way to accomplish the task at hand.
  58. Your self-knowledge is enviable.
  59. There’s ordinary… and then there’s you!
  60. You’re my reason to smile today.
  61. In high school I bet you were voted “most likely to keep being awesome.”
  62. You’re even better than a unicorn because you’re real.
  63. You have a great head on your shoulders. (Until Metatron beheads you…)
  64. How do you do it? Being so funny, making everyone laugh?
  65. Has anyone ever told you that you have great posture?
  66. I envy the way you treasure your loved ones.
  67. You’re really something special, especially to me.
  68. You are a gift to the universe. Start acting like it.
  69. If you were a scented candle they’d call it Perfectly Imperfect.
  70. Your friendship keeps me grounded in reality. Thank you.
  71. Your awesome knows no boundaries!
  72. You are enough. In fact, you’re more than enough. Exactly as you are.
  73. I appreciate you and everything you do for Mother Earth.
  74. Thank you for being there for me.
  75. When a ray of light breaks through the dimness of a dreary, cloudy day, I call those rays ‘god fingers.’ You’re a god finger.
  76. I hope you teach other people how to be as awesome as you are.
  77. You spread joy like a flower girl. I love it!
  78. You always find something special in the most ordinary things.
  79. Being around you is like being on a happy little vacation.
  80. Your kindness touches my heart.
  81. I admire your bravery to speak up about things that matter to you.
  82. Your confidence is contagious. Thank you for sharing.
  83. I appreciate your honesty and valor. You are a real knight in shining armor.
  84. Your capacity to plan and execute the plan is unparalleled.
  85. Your routines inspire me.
  86. I admire your ability to set boundaries and take care of yourself.
  87. I have such good memories of all the times we’ve been able to share together; I’m always looking forward to spending time with you.
  88. I feel secure in your leadership and appreciate you taking charge, especially when things get tough.
  89. Your resilience is extraordinary. I’m happy to be the shoulder you lean on when needed.
  90. Your advice is so meaningful to me. I love your honesty and integrity. I feel that these two qualities always lead me true.
  91. Thank you for encouraging me to be my authentic self around you.
  92. I respect your flexibility and open-mindedness. You learn with ease and grace.
  93. Your patience with me makes me feel supported. Thank you.
  94. Your presence is calming. It makes everyone feel safe around you. Thank you.
  95. You have wonderful intuition and you say the best things at the right time.
  96. I cherish the joy you bring into my life.
  97. You have an excellent eye for capturing moments through photos and video.
  98. Your enthusiasm for adventure is contagious and exciting.
  99. You approach life with curiosity instead of fear. I admire your dedication to seeking knowledge instead of making assumptions.
  100. Introspection is your superpower; you think things through meticulously before speaking.
  101. You have an ear for good music—I love every playlist you make or new artist you recommend.
  102. You are great at dedicating yourself to the task at hand.
  103. I am grateful for how you show up for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually—you’ve always got my back.
  104. I love how you support others. It means the world to all of us, even if we don’t say it often enough.
  105. Your voice is very soothing, and it comforts me whenever I hear it.
  106. You aren’t afraid to wear something new and express yourself; it makes me want to leave my fashion comfort zone!
  107. You ask such insightful questions.
  108. I love how empathetic you are. It makes it incredibly easy to open up to you.
  109. You are an intuitive and patient teacher.
  110. Your presence energizes me creatively.
  111. Your enthusiasm for color brightens my world!
  112. You always make sure everyone in the room is heard—no one feels lonely or left out when you are around.
  113. I appreciate how much you allow everyone to feel their feelings without judgment.
  114. You give such wonderful, thoughtful gifts.
  115. By understanding your own value, you inspire everyone else to recognize their own.
  116. The idea of failure does not deter you.
  117. I love how you treat animals with such kindness and compassion; it’s no surprise that you are loved by all creatures who encounter you.
  118. Your ability to consider a problem from multiple angles and perspectives is a gift.
  119. You always see the best in others—your positive spirit reminds me to search for the good in the world, too.
  120. I feel so hopeful and optimistic knowing that you are raising the next generation of young leaders.
  121. The way you love and stand up for others is courageous.
  122. You are magnetic and people are drawn to your beautiful energy.
  123. I love how you treat people with respect, even when you disagree with them.
  124. You radiate warmth.
  125. The way you retain knowledge and enthusiastically talk about life, the universe, and everything is awesome.
  126. You’re great at improvisation in stressful situations.
  127. You are effervescent.
  128. I admire your ambition and your drive.
  129. You embrace your silliness unapologetically, and it delights and inspires me to be silly, too.
  130. I respect your opinions on current events, and I always look forward to hearing what you have to say.
  131. I love how creative your mind is.
  132. The way you curate your home is so authentic, welcoming, and thoughtful.
  133. Your resourcefulness is brilliant.
  134. You are trustworthy. I’m always grateful I can trust you with important things.
  135. I love the way you analyze art and media; you draw insightful connections and discover deep metaphors.
  136. Your art moves me.
  137. I admire the high standards you set for yourself and those around you; they invite everyone to strive for better.
  138. You have a fantastic memory!
  139. You are good at finding a way to be more efficient and mindful about how you spend our time.
  140. You are an affirming friend and make others feel validated in a meaningful way.
  141. Your dedication to your spiritual wellness makes me want to explore my own more deeply.
  142. You consistently continue to get better at [X], and it makes me so happy to see you growing a skill you’ve already been great at.
  143. You aren’t afraid to take chances, which emboldens those around you to live fearlessly.
  144. I admire how you trust your intuition.
  145. Your laugh is contagious. It never fails to make me smile.
  146. Your cooking is out of this world!
  147. Your optimism is unwavering and uplifting to those around you.
  148. Your independence is empowering.
  149. I’ve learned so much from your clear communication style.
  150. Everyone around you is touched by your compassion; we are all grateful to be held by you.
  151. You are generous with your time, talent and possessions. It lights the way for others to be so, too.
  152. Creating community comes naturally to you, and you are good at being the “glue” of any new group you are in.
  153. You’ve mastered the art of relaxing—I want to learn to embrace my free time like you do.
  154. I admire your decisiveness.
  155. You have worked really hard to arrive at this moment; I hope you get a chance to celebrate yourself as you deserve.
  156. You are such a welcoming host. I always have a memorable time at your gatherings.
  157. The way you admit your vulnerability is brave. I am here for you.
  158. You persist in even the direst of circumstances. It is one of the things that makes you powerful.
  159. I admire how graciously and willingly you apologize when you’ve made a mistake.
  160. No detail escapes your attention—and that sets you apart.
  161. You helped me change my mindset about [X], and that has been a blessing in my life.
  162. I admire your punctuality; your promptness makes people feel respected.
  163. You have a beautiful way with words; there’s poetry in your writing and musicality to your stories.
  164. I love that I always learn something new when I talk to you.
  165. You are so organized! It benefits everyone around you.
  166. Your wholehearted love for nature makes me want to spend more time outside.
  167. You are excellent at networking and making connections with interesting people.
  168. I appreciate your advocacy and your work to amplify the voices of people who are not being heard.
  169. I admire how you aren’t afraid to ask for what you want or need. You are candid and honest.
  170. My life is better for having you in it.
  171. Your perspective on life makes me want to live more thoughtfully.
  172. I admire your determination when you strongly believe in something.
  173. I feel heard and seen when we have difficult conversations.
  174. I love your reassurance when things don’t go as planned. It helps me feel less stressed and confident that we can figure it out together.
  175. I learned how to be a good person by watching how you treat others.
  176. I appreciate that you’re tactful when I need to hear hard truths.
  177. I notice how hard you’re trying!
  178. Your creative ideas put a smile on my face.
  179. You’re so thoughtful for sharing. I love your generosity.
  180. I hadn’t thought of it that way. You’ve given me something new to think about today.
  181. I really admired how you handled that difficult situation. You were so poised and level-headed.
  182. I appreciate that you step up for the team without being asked. You’ve personally saved me a lot of anxiety.
  183. I enjoy hearing your comments and questions. It really pushes us to think deeper.
  184. You’re a really deep thinker.

Now I’m going to go cry in a corner because I used to be almost all these things and then I died. </Crystal>

Hi! Sansara here! I think Crystal over-achieved, so I’m only going to take us to 200. Hope that’s okay, chief!

185. Your fur is so gorgeous. Did you grow it yourself? (Purr.)

186. When you fell from heaven, did it hurt?

187. I ought to complain to Spotify for you not being named this week’s hottest single.

188. When I look in your eyes, I see a very kind soul.

189. Do you happen to have a Band-Aid? ‘Cause I scraped my knees falling for you.

190. I was wondering… if you’re here, who’s running Heaven?

191. Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?

192. Do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes.

193. You know what you would look really beautiful in? My arms.

194. I would never play hide and seek with you because someone like you is impossible to find.

195. Hi. I just wanted to thank you for the gift… … … I’ve been wearing this smile ever since you gave it to me.

196. You know, I always thought that Disneyland was the ‘happiest place on Earth,’ but that was before I got a chance to stand here next to you.

197. If you were a phaser, you’d be set to ‘stun.’

198. Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’m searching for.

199. Are you a magician? It’s the strangest thing, but every time I look at you, everyone else disappears.

200. I never believed in love at first sight, but that was before I saw you.

Bonus Junk:

  • Are you a time traveler? Because I absolutely see you in my future.
  • I thought this was a (bar/restaurant/etc.), but I must be in a museum because you’re a piece of art.
  • Hi, I’m Sansara. Do you remember me? Oh, that’s right—we’ve only met in my dreams.
  • What does it feel like to be the most gorgeous person in the room?
  • I can’t tell if that was an earthquake, or if you just seriously rocked my world.
  • The sparkle in your eyes is so bright, the sun must be jealous.
  • If beauty were time, you’d be eternity.
  • I don’t know which is prettier today—the weather, or your eyes.
  • I swear someone stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.
  • I’m not usually religious, but when I saw you, I knew you were the answer to my prayers.
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I try walking by again?
  • I’m not a photographer, but I can definitely picture us together.
  • Wow, when God made you, he was seriously showing off.
  • Excuse me, do you have the time? I just want to remember the exact minute I got a crush on you.
  • Kiss me if I’m wrong but, dinosaurs still exist, right?
  • If I were a cat, I’d spend all nine of my lives with you.
  • When I text you goodnight later, what phone number should I use?
  • I’d say, ‘God bless you,’ but it looks like he already did.
  • You must be a hell of a thief, because you managed to steal my heart from across the room.
  • There must be something wrong with my eyes—I can’t seem to take them off of you.
  • If you let me borrow a kiss, I promise I’ll give it right back.
  • I seem to have lost my number—can I have yours?
  • It’s never easy meeting a complete stranger—especially one as beautiful as you—without being properly introduced. But can we try anyway?
  • I wish I’d paid more attention to science in high school, because you and I’ve got chemistry and I want to know all about it.
  • You look like you know how to have a good time. Been on any adventures lately?
  • You know, I’m actually terrible at flirting. How about you try to pick me up instead?
  • Do you have a name, or can I just call you ‘mine?’
  • I’m not currently an organ donor, but I’d be happy to give you my heart.

You’re welcome!

❤ Sansara

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