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I believe something that will blow your mind. It’s so left field, it’s impossible. Or is it?

We are all residually telepathic. We are all connected within our subconscious minds. The people we interact with form hooks and anchors, traveling to us subconsciously whenever they remember something that has to do with us. Often, we will remember the same thing at the same time, in the very backs of our minds.

Your choice to believe that is irrelevant; think of this as a thought experiment and follow me to the other side.

If it’s true that we all speak to each other in the backs of our minds, then there’s something of extreme importance to take note of: What we think about people affects them, whether or not we actually say it to their face. That means every shitty thought you have had about your mother, your grandmother, your father, your brother… it all reaches the person you’ve got shitty thoughts about.

That’s poison. You are poisoning other people. And why? Often, because you project your own insecurities and insanities onto them. You make them responsible for your brain misbehaving. You react out of habit, out of the emotional state that you’re living inside of, instead of observing reality as it is and taking in the facts.

If you observe what is real, removing your knee-jerk reaction from whatever it is that you are processing and taking in, then you become an observer of truth. Those of us who cannot do this are liars that spread dissension, sadly. We do not see the truth, so when we speak of an event, we do not speak in facts but instead speak in emotion-induced euphoria.

If you choose to become an observer of truth, you can also choose to withhold judgment of a situation until all the facts are known. After all, it’s pointless to be pissed off at the milk maid because a cow kicked over its milking pail. The cow’s action did that. The milk maid could have taken a precaution, and perhaps she will in the future, remembering that cows can be ornery and kick over their milking pails. Furthermore, being angry about the spilt milk is pointless. It happened. It’s a fact and it’s immutable. Having an emotion about a fact just because it’s less than ideal is fruitless. It’s a waste of energy. Your passion and focus is better off spent on pleasant and beautiful things.

If we are all connected at the subconscious level and you’ve been feeling crappy lately, try this meditation/healing video to help disconnect negative entities from the back of your mind.

Etheric Cord Cutter video on YouTube by Dream Seeds

If the video helps you, please drop a comment for others so they know that it works. It worked for me, but you’d expect me to say that because I’m the one telling you about the video. (Would it help to tell you that I didn’t create it?)

Good luck on your journey to peace and prosperity.

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