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Love on the Spectrum E5

I’ve just consumed my fifth episode of Love on the Spectrum. I watch Dani in action and part of me says she’s just like a guy. This makes me sad because people think I’m a guy all the time. (They’re quite mistaken, I am every bit woman.)

Still, online, people think I’m male until I prove otherwise, basically. I am androgynous in my personality and I know that’s why, but I’m sad because I don’t want to be like Dani. She’s a heart breaker who doesn’t understand love at all. I thought she should have ended up with Solomon for multiple reasons.

My issues with her issues:

1.) She is not really good inebriated, she should just decline the wine/champagne. It’s why she kissed far too soon and that is super obvious to me (any maybe everyone.)

2.) She wants people to have a full-fledged career. Not everyone is blessed knowing their passion by age 14 like she was, and even so, she might wake up one day, too sick to carry on, and realize she has a second and, more importantly, a higher calling.

3.) She wants lots of options because dating is in her head, not her heart. Every question she asks has nothing to do with her heart at all. It’s all about what sounds good in her head.

I’d pick Solomon, myself. He was so sweet, so open, and so delighted by her in general. He was so inspired, he left the table to write her a sweet poem. She even half-talked herself into a relationship with him, then chickened out because he didn’t have overwhelming joy talking about writing stories for animation… and I’ll bet you a million mosquitoes that she never told him she wanted a business partner at all, but even if she did… he wasn’t against the idea, he just didn’t readily see inspiration with her thought.

In short, she wants someone who already knows who they are but then on top of that, she wants to change them, too. She wants them to work with her in her animation projects, no matter what they do, even an aerospace engineer. I’d like to think an aerospace engineer would have a better career on their own, actually, and animation isn’t the end-all, be-all profession. (In fact, I know his income has to be twice hers at minimum, since I’ve some insider knowledge of these things.)

I really like Mark so far… his life goal is so awesome. He wants to help people. He’d be her personal cheerleader, I bet, but then again so would Solomon.

You don’t have to have a fucking career to be in love, girl.

I remember in school, in a psychology class, being asked if I wanted to date a handsome bartender or an average lawyer. First, I’m offended that they didn’t give me options to date the waitress or whatever the other profession was for the ladies in this hypothetical situation. I chew myself out to this day for not saying I’d date one of the ladies, actually, just to blow my psych teacher’s mind.

But the thing is, by the time I was 19 or 20 and in this psych class, I’d already determined that I will never date a classically handsome fellow. I hate pretty boys, to put it in short. If you’ve never noticed, the beautiful people in this world get away with walking all over everyone else. It’s not right. We are all fucking equal.

So I picked the average lawyer. It just so happens, most women do, because they want financial stability from their partner. I never needed that. I abhor gender norms and struck out to find a successful career to live with all by myself.

There was a flaw in my plan:

Sometimes the only people who can tell you’re getting sick are the ones who see you day in and day out.

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