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You Poisoned MY CHILD

All of you motherfuckers adding fillers to food, you die. It is poison and you know it. You will all die, no matter if you reform or not. You have mass poisoned America and beyond.

You’re guilty. You did it on purpose. You did it to make sure you all could keep minimum wage as low as possible for as long as possible to make a bigger buck for more of you raping white bastards who are just using minimum wage as enslavement. (And the rest of you that use salaries as enslavement, you’re dying, too. There are few exceptions, such as U.S. Bank. Thank you, for keeping my daughter alive.)

She wants to pay them back, you know. She got really sick. So sick, she couldn’t do her job. She still produced, but nothing like she used to. I blame Rao. Sorry, dude, you fucked with her design and she lost her heart for the job. Now live with it. I’m the one who took her and resigned to fix her health. Me, Captain God. You can be angry with me all you like, but the mess you’re fixing right now is YOUR MESS. I took her away from you. You’d treat her like a dog and make her eat the shit from your boot heel. And why? You’re a racist bastard. You think she’s a white woman. She’s not.

Crystal Lynn Scordias is not white. She has more Native American blood in her than any other type, but she’s also black, brown, and red beyond that. There was a human-like species a long, long time ago that was red. They had tails, even. They’ve died out in their original form, just like the giants did, but there’s traces of both in humans today. You call them neanderthals and protohumans, originally.

Crystal looks white because she’s deathly afraid of developing cancer and stays out of the sun. After decades of that, she looks like the moon instead of what she should look like. That’s right. All of you racist ex-boyfriends and ex-husband: SHE’S NOT WHITE! She has some white people in her, but most of you do now. She’s even part Mongolian. (Shout out to Genghis Khan for being a rampant racist and rapist. He wanted to turn the whole world Mongolian, that was his goal.)

Puke or whatever it is you’re gonna do, Anthony. You’re GAY! Stop torturing women and sleep with a man already and get it over with. You’re a top, that’s all.

Lucien, go fuck yourself. You’re not even serious about becoming a woman.

Ben… I have a special plan for you especially.

Jeremy… whoopsiedoodle. You did the one thing you thought would be heinous to do: you slept with someone not white and enjoyed it. By the way, you’re not white, either.

Andy… well, you put yourself in the doghouse. Just stay there.

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