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The Girl is Taken

Since you undoubtedly believe she’s something special by now (yeah, I already know you’re going to read out of order because later I’m going to type up how God raped Crystal), know this: She’s taken. She’s betrothed to The Mountain Dragon Man, who is NOT Nicholas Forsythe, despite everything he thinks he is.

Nicholas, you do not deserve my child. You are a shit stain. How dare you think about killing my daughter again? You murdered her twice already. The first time was telling her a heinous lie: I’m engaged! I could kill you. I could just laser you into a pile of ash. I won’t, unless you fail to repent. Then I’ll do it gladly. And I’ll be the one at the helm, ordering it, chuckling with glee. Not because I’m killing you, but because you’re an ant under a microscope, no… make that magnifying glass, just like you used to do as a kid, right?

You’ll finally understand how each of those ants you destroyed felt when they died. Extremely uncomfortable until they did the equivalent of overheating and baking to death. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Oh, wait, you beg to differ now that your life is on the line? That’s too bad. Go fuck yourself. Better yet, use that ‘I’m independently wealthy” money you’ve got and start buying land to return to the wild, while money still has value.

I don’t like your shit stain monetary systems. They’re rape. They’re enslavement. They’re unjust. I’m getting rid of them entirely. You will all work for your fucking food or you will die. If you are disabled, there are still jobs you can do: teach, look after kids like the old neighborhood biddy you are, story tell, etc. If you are morally upright, I’ll get you out of your wheelchairs. I’ll get you off those walkers. Just like I got Crystal back into shape, to be able-bodied again. Her back was ruined in a car accident when she was 19 years old. Farmer’s Insurance gave her a whopping 12.5k settlement that they bullied her into to take by telling her the statute of limitations was over already when she thought to get a lawyer.

The insurance industry is going to die. The “healing” industry is going to change. These pills you create that are poison will no longer be. You are poisoning yourselves in the name of ‘health’ so that unscrupulous assholes like Dr. Samuel Wu can make a quick buck. (If you’ve ever been a patient of Wu, know this: he thought you should die, so he did as little as possible to keep you alive. Sue him while you still can… because, remember: money goes bye bye in 2 years or less.)

The new healing shall be called reiki. It can do so much and yet all of you persist in calling it hogwash. And, Ancient Chinese Medicine is the medicine I gave you to begin with, so that will also be part of it. You chiropractors who actually want to help people (thank you, Dr. Steve, we love you dearly for keeping her alive all these years) will partner with physical therapists in order to actual repair the human body instead of simply covering up the problem by fixing a symptom temporarily. (Dr. Steve, we love your entire family. You all live. You are all going to be fantastic healers and we know it. ❤ Captain God <3)

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