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Flowers for the Bees

  • swam milkweed a.k.a. pink milkweed
  • new jersey tea redroot
  • common buttonbush a.k.a. button willow a.k.a. honey bells/balls
  • field thistle
  • bottle gentian a.k.a. blind gentian
  • spotted geranium a.k.a. wild geranium a.k.a. cranesbill
  • cardinal flower
  • wild bergamot a.k.a. BEEBALM
  • common ninebark a.k.a. atlantic ninebark
  • mountain mint a.k.a. common horsemint
  • virginia rose
  • coneflowers
  • pussy willow
  • goldenrod (ALL)
  • aster (ALL)
  • american basswood a.k.a. american linden a.k.a. BEE TREE
  • virginia spiderwort a.k.a. spider lily
  • highbush blueberry
  • verbena (ALL)
  • golden zizia a.k.a. golden alexanders
  • sedum a.k.a. stonecrop
  • sunflowers
  • lavender
  • hummingbird mint
  • cape fuchsia
  • yarrow
  • California lilac
  • bluebeard

Basically, if it flowers (and is non-GMO), it will help our friends. The bees, the hummingbirds, the butterflies, the birds… Just plant flowers instead of grass, please. Plant trees that flower, too, or shrubs. ANYTHING!


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