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Bees are Cute

I just bought myself a ton of these (native to my region.) God’s convinced me it’s worth potentially going to jail just to save the bees. We’re going to throw them in spots where the grass grows high already, unkempt and wild. There’s too much grass everywhere, not enough wildflowers.

I can’t wait to receive them. We have a mission. I’m going to do my best, sir. Thank you for giving me a purpose worth having.

I love bees. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved bees. I even used to pet them in the chill of early morning, when they were snacking on the flowers my neighbor planted in front of our shared porch. Bees are incredibly friendly, honestly, so long as you don’t try to kill them.

I have two bee hives in my house. I’m going to delight in growing them wildflowers to feast upon. Maybe I’ll end up with more! I feel like I should make them bee houses, but I don’t want people to know where they’re living in case they trespass on my property to try to do something about them. They’re my friends, dammit.

You’d think the fact that they’re endangered would make people wake the fuck up.

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