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New Perspective on Daryas

Jeez, I dunno where to begin with this shit show. Don’t you think he did Crystal dirty? He did it on purpose, too. He failed to tell her he was in an open relationship for more than five months before they met. He omitted the fact he slept beside a woman every day and then he omitted the fact that Spike is played by a bona fide woman to the lady already occupying that space.

The nickname Spike came from a friend. Most people thought she was a man at first. Many of them still do, if not most of them. She rarely shared anything about herself online. She’s shy. Spike doesn’t seem shy but meeting her shatters the fantasy person that was projected quickly. The woman who flirted with everything just ‘cuz flirting makes everyone feel good is shy, you assholes. And autistic.

She flirted with everyone to try to fit in. It has become a server comprised of sexual predation in the absence of the owner’s wife, Ada. An open empath murdered by her husband’s polygamous bullshit (that’s my perspective, anyway.) Spike wasn’t exactly comfortable flirting with everyone, but it greased the wheels of change. All she wanted was a game she would play.

It’s obvious to anyone that spent time with her offline that she’s not a total lech that would eagerly get naked the moment you set eyes on her. Daryas, a.k.a. Lucien, a.k.a. Verias realized it long before he kissed her. He still chose to violate her without telling her the truth: he was already committed to another woman, whether or not the relationship was open. Therefore, all his assumptions about Spike being fine with open relationships are moot; he discovered the persona she projected online was not at all her persona offline. It was like she was two different people. It was like Spike was a role-play character.

You make me sick, Verias. You have true love and you threw it away. Kelly loves you. She would have gone exclusive with you any time you asked. You kept looking anyway, even though she went to conventions with you, bored out of her skull, just to spend time with YOU. What was your thought? She’s not a 10, therefore I can do better? That shit is outright vanity.

You were Crystal’s first relationship after divorce and you knew it. You knew in your heart she’s monogamous because she had zero sexual relations in the game or otherwise known to anyone until after divorce. Everyone on that godforsaken video game knew she was monogamous and assumed that’s why she never participated in sexual role-play. That’s why they all went nuts after she declared her divorce on the gossip channel. The goddess was single again!

And don’t you cry to me you didn’t know her that well. What the fuck do you think you’re doing, sleeping with women without discussing your open relationship first? Why don’t you just introduce Kelly when you introduce yourself so everyone knows you are in a committed relationship?

You never do, though. I’m surprised it took her this long to catch onto you stepping out behind her back. Open is supposed to be open communication, you dingbat. How many STIs did you get from your panda? Venn diagram indeed, you bitch. Three, that’s how many. And you turned around and gave them all to your wife. You didn’t even bother to get tested. And you never told your panda you had another lover, either, did you? You did to her the same thing you did to Crystal. How many other women have you done dirty?

More than you can count, huh? I’m going say six. I’m a really good guesser.

What’s it like to live with herpes? Have you slept with more partners, failing to tell them about your condition? IF YOU HAVE, YOU RAPED THEM. You omit the most important facts before sleeping with a woman, only divulging them later when there are unwanted consequences from your actions. You’re despicable.

And you’re a child. You don’t know the first thing about being a man. Spike is more man than you, and she’d never claim being a man in the first place. Now Kelly is probably thinking about how she ought to sleep with Spike, whom she believes is a man, to spite you… giving the angel of love herpes in another count of RAPE. Gold-digging bitch that she is. Oh wait, that’s you.

Your logic — the idea of giving herpes to someone important to Keith out of spite for giving you herpes — is twisted up by the narcissist you invited into your bed, dear Kelly. It’s also rape. On two counts, mind you: not only is it wrong to sleep with someone without informing them of the fact that you have an incurable sexually transmitted disease, Spike is a heterosexual cisgender woman. Unlike Keira, who is milking Medicare for a transition he’s not serious about, Crystal was born this way and will die this way. How did Keith give you HERPES if he’s not using his dick like a dude? The transmission of herpes requires the union of two (or more, I suppose) bodies.

You would think Verias would have learned his lesson the first time he came home with the clout. Ah, well. Third time’s a charm, right? I’m sorry you have to put up with that asshole being an asshole. I’d say take him for all he’s worth, but he’s not worth anything after you tell Medicare how he’s not serious about his transition. He will lose all his benefits thanks to committing fraud. (The ball is in your court, m’lady.)

That’s not everything that lying cheat deserves. He’s been cheating his whole life. I don’t believe in “once a cheater, always a cheater,” but I don’t think he’s going to change without a few swift kicks to his bank account, sweetie. I hope you’ve been practicing your swing! I suggest taking a baseball bat to his face. He’s cheated on you so many times. He never tells the other woman about you until after he’s fucked them. Without protection.

By the way, I understand if you’re livid that he talked you into living with Spike without knowing all the details of who Spike is, but please don’t hate my girl. She thought she was getting married to some bloke in England when she proposed this solution, you see. Plus, as soon as Keira started to transition, she became a girl in Spike’s eyes… and Spike is what again? Heterosexual. Her offer was to a female starting a brand new life, as far as she was concerned. She’s very pride positive.

She knew all the details regarding you and Verias being a thing. She doesn’t care to sleep with Verias ever again, anyway. You know what he did to her? After he raped her many times, that week he spent with her was playing video games and ignoring her. That’s right. He ignored her instead of telling her about you. After the second visit, all sex was initiated by Keith. Period, the end. They had sex many more times under the pretense that he was a single man.

She put the baton in Keith’s hands during that second visit. She booked a hotel room in the same city you lived. The second time he went traipsing off with Spike. Crystal felt like she raped him briefly during one of their intimate moments, so she decided to be a pure gentlewoman from that moment forward. Her apology was to put him in charge of initiating sex.

Crystal doesn’t believe apologizing is worth the effort; instead, she affects honest and real change as apology. He accepted, initiating sex again the same day. In fact, they had sex three times that day in that hotel room. She was surprised because he told her that he was asexual. Tell me, do you think he is asexual, o lady who sleeps next to him?

(Where do the lies stop? They don’t. He’s a collection of lies.)

The reason she rented the hotel room was because she didn’t feel up to driving five hours each way in one weekend, you see, retrieving him to go home and then bringing him back. Twenty hours of driving just to see her beau without disturbing his friend’s MOTHER. (Does this sound like a woman who knows he’s in an open relationship to you?) Why didn’t he just invite her to stay in your home if you’re really in a relationship that’s open?

The first time, she stole him away to St. Louis to see Garbage in concert. She was content to be friends with him but he was hoping to get his bones jumped. He wanted to be sexually attacked. Raped. He chose to kiss her the second night.

She didn’t make a single fucking move on your man, I want you to know that right now. If she knew he was with you, he would not have been at that concert. She was interested but she’s also the penultimate lady. She believes in consent. She used to believe friendly men are just friends in those days. She lost all her friends in her divorce and she was trying to make new ones. She was trying to make them through the video game, but everyone had her pegged all wrong. They thought she was openly being a rapist whore online because that’s who she was. Except she never slept with any of them, so I’m not really sure how they came to that conclusion anyway. It’s true, she flirted heavily with everyone. She made plenty of innuendos. She talked a good talk, but she definitely does not walk that walk, since she was raped thousands of times. She wouldn’t dream of violating the boundaries of others, knowing how much it hurts.

Keith didn’t truly vibe as someone who wanted to be with her, so she was content to be friends with this singular experience they’d shared: a Garbage concert at The Pageant. It was around his birthday, you might recall. He spent his birthday in 2012 with another woman. Crystal would not have agreed to any of this if she understood he was with you. She roots for true love and would have avoided him like the bubonic plague.

So let me restate the facts from Crystal’s experience for you now:

  • Keith gave Crystal his phone number online after chasing her in a video game and over Y! instant messenger for ~3 months. He used moving as an excuse to give her a way to contact him offline.
  • Crystal called him a weeks later while she was bored, couch surfing at a friend’s. A friend she’d hoped she would have a romantic relationship with, even if it was a celibate one because he is a grumpy but lovely man. Instead, he made it obvious that there would be no romantic relationship between the two of them.
  • Keith answered the phone and within moments ditched his video gaming buddy to talk to Crystal, giving her his full attention. She offered to call back three times instead of depriving him of his gaming since she was just bored, but he kept reassuring her she wasn’t bothering him at all and kept her from hanging up. The man she was visiting, Joe, heard her side of the conversation; she had accidentally woke him up about 8:00 EST on a Saturday morning in June 2012.
  • Crystal was pushing herself outside her comfort zone to make the call, trying to make friends rather than find lovers. She’d only been interested in Joe specifically until Keith flirted with her on the phone. Joe had made it clear that week that he wasn’t trying to build that sort of relationship with Crystal even though she loved the grumpysaurus rex. (I’m too jealous to accept her being friends with you, Joe. She has agreed to ditch anyone who makes me insecure, which is all dudes. I know you understand.)
  • Keith kept flirting with her daily on Y! Instant Messenger. Two weeks later she bought tickets to Garbage. She tried to find a local friend to attend the concert first. The one person who agreed to go never heard of them, so she asked Keith instead because she knew he played guitar and she thought he’d appreciate it more.
  • Crystal drove all the way to TN to retrieve that asshole. She spent 10 hours in the car to pick him up and 10 more to drop him back off in a 3 day span of time. That was supposed to be a once-off event. A way to get to know one of the players of the game she worked her ass off to serve at 40-60 hours a week while sharing the concert with someone who would appreciate it. She should have taken Meagan. Hindsight, as they say.
  • On the first night, Keith and Crystal played SingStar, drinking and smoking together. Nothing happened that night. He slept on the couch. (Perhaps he mistakenly thought her bed was more comfortable… doesn’t that sound hideously heinous? To take a woman to bed for extra comfort overnight… I could kill him.)
  • Second night together, SingStar II after the Garbage concert. Drunk again. Keith looks at her, she’s lying down on her couch and drunk, he beckons her to sit up. She thought he was going to whisper something snide into her ear about her roommate and instead, he kissed her.
  • HE STILL HASN’T TOLD HER THAT YOU EXIST. He said he lives with a friend’s MOTHER. That’s right. You were an old woman that he wasn’t into, making it “clear” he was single. (It was the way he said it that led her to that assumption.)
  • He slept with her without protection. She was under the impression he’d been celibate. Not only did he tell her you’re his friend’s MOTHER, he declared he was not currently sexually active. He told Crystal he had zero sex drive EXCEPT while he was with her.
  • He took Crystal to bed, finding out her bed was less comfortable than the couch. Oops. Next night, he’s back in your arms. Did he tell you he slept with the woman? You thought she was a dude. He knew without a doubt she was female. It was clear to him during the phone call before a month she even suggested meeting. To be fair, he did think she was a dude until that call. She’s androgynous and abhors all gender norms.

Then, as if that’s not enough for this heinous crime he’s committed, he saw her again. A month later, she booked a hotel room and took him to it. IN THE CITY YOU BOTH LIVED IN. Did he tell you he was going out of town? He didn’t. He acted like a skeevy bastard the whole time, too, so Crystal spoke with a fellow gamer about it.

The fellow gamer suggested to her that he had a wife already or was sleeping with his friend’s MOTHER. Crystal then confronted him on the topic, but he made no comment. She confronted him after he detached from her and right before he ghosted her. That was right after Thanksgiving. Up until that point, she thought the gamer friend was wrong, because she didn’t expect men to lie by default.

They do, ladies. Start demanding STD-free men by making them prove it. Make sure you see their driver’s license before you sleep with them, too. And go through their phones and their chat programs before you sleep with them to be sure they aren’t chatting up the whole country, just to be sure they’re worth your time!

The third visit was back in St. Louis, as was the fourth (final) visit. She kept him a whole week that time because the drive was hellatious, in a word. It was Thanksgiving 2012. She’d been given all the classic signs that the relationship was on the right track up until that visit. Keith saw where it was going. She was going to want to spend Christmas with him. He panicked because he couldn’t say no without making it obvious he’d been gaming her, so he ghosted her for a year.

Does this sound like a man who wants to be with you, the friend’s MOTHER?

A real man would have told her the minute she proposed the concert, “Sure. Just so you’re completely aware, I’m in an open relationship with my wife, Kelly.”

He passed up telling her the truth for the better part of an entire year. Then he ghosted her instead of telling her the truth, coming back in January 2014, just before Valentine’s day, to tell her that he was in love with her and couldn’t make it stop. He was looking for another chance with her, obviously angling for some V-day action, don’t you think? Were you two having… problems?

She declined to speak to him after giving him a chance to explain himself, which he did not do. She still didn’t know you were his lover. She still didn’t know why he ghosted her after 24 hours of on and off conversation. She decided she was not giving him another chance because he never told her what she needed to know. It’s her eternal question to everything: WHY?

She told him she didn’t trust him to do it again. She’d gone through intense therapy to get over him. After six months, she had a rebound relationship that was very brief for a woman like my Crystal. Her relationships up to that point were 3.5 years, 7 years, and 10 months. The rebound was all of two weeks. [He also lied to her, you see. About the size of his penis… as if she totally wasn’t going to catch him in that lie…]

After that, she’d gone celibate again for an age, trying to detox from bad boys doing bad things. Keith comes back — hah — and tries to start some shit with her. The woman who was the very reason he wasn’t treating you the same anymore. Instead of doing a more manly thing, such as actually breaking it off with you and moving out somewhere else, getting tested, then trying again, he just tried to get himself back into Crystal’s bedroom.

She decided, “To Hell with that. He’ll just do it to me again. No, thank you.” And that’s when she went into the last relationship she’ll ever have with a regular asshole of a man who wants multiple wives. That’s right. Keith wants as many wives as he can get.

Don’t forget that he told Crystal he has zero sex drive without her. He told her that he still dreams about her in a sexual manner, indicating that’s the only time he wants sex. I have evidence of this, but it’ll require a subpoena to obtain it. It’s all online in text… the way Crystal prefers to communicate over all else because she’s autistic. He can’t even delete it… Discord and Y! Instant Messenger keeps everything.

In fact… you can get a subpoena yourself for divorce, since you’re common law married. All the proof you need is there in his chat program. You might also want his Y! Instant Messenger records, by the by, since some of the conversations took place there. (2012 conversations.)

Anyway, I think a man would have chosen one woman at a time. And a real man would have chosen one woman altogether: you, Kelly, the first woman to fall into his arms and stay there. I don’t know what the fucking idiot is doing, chasing pussy all around the country while you’re right there, loving him. He’s gold digging, that’s what he’s doing. He fucked up, cuz my woman is by far the one who earns the most out of all of them and probably will be for the rest of his life. (May that life be short, since he’s fixing on finding himself another Kelly. I mean, another friend’s MOTHER to room with.)

Peace, love, and happiness.


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