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The Legend of Daryas III

(cont’d from previous entry)

Rape culture is so pervasive, it’s hard to get away from it until the entirety of it is explained to you. Our global society is oversaturated in it at this point.

  • Photograph manipulation to remove flaws (magazine covers, photos online, Angelina Jolie’s tits in Tomb Raider, pockets where men shouldn’t be looking, pockets where women shouldn’t be looking, clothes cut to leave nothing to the imagination, women walking around braless like nobody can tell, corsets, short skirts and long jackets, and so much more. Modern fashion objectifies the wearer.)
  • Lack of emotional intelligence. It’s encouraged, as a man, to play dumb to emotions. Eventually, they pass and go away! (Unless you’re a rational babe like Crystal.)
  • Promoting an unwillingness to take responsibility for one’s actions.
  • Cat calling, elevator eyes, staring at anything but faces.
  • Wearing brighter colors on the bottom than the top attracts eyes to the bottom half of a person.
  • Wearing colors that are natural skin tones makes glancing people think others are nude.
  • Exposing large expanses of flesh with high contrast shorts or skirts forces eyes to the movement of legs and tatas.
  • Encouraging women to dress slutty for attention because they’re not a size 0. [Women, you are worth it. A real man, a straight cisgender man, doesn’t care about your size as much as he cares about burying his penis, and he’ll fall in love with you eventually.]
  • The expectation to have sex outside of wedlock is a man’s tool to avoid wedlock, ladies. This is the one that destroyed my angel of love, might I add. She slept with that man, thinking he was promising a future, when he had no idea of the sort in his brain.
  • Open relationships are a man’s tool to avoid responsibility for other human beings. You may be convinced you wish to sleep with a bunch of people, but I think you’ll find eventually one of your partners outshines the rest and they’re the one you want to focus on.
  • Having sex without a condom only benefits the man, ladies. Don’t do it! It feels virtually the same to you (and they’ll last longer.) P.S. Condoms are only unreliable when they break or it’s round two or the man goes flaccid without pulling out, allowing his semen to spill over the edges into you. (Which is exactly how the angel of love got pregnant the one time in her life she was pregnant.)
  • Children are a man’s tool to tie themselves to a lady forever, whether or not they intend to stay with them forever.
  • Sharing a property or anything of value and importance is a man’s tool to manipulate a woman, such as a fucking time share BENJAMIN ANDREW CARTER. [You justified raping this angel of a woman with this, you shithead, and I will kill you if you get close to my lady.]
  • Playing games with women is to torture them to become irrational so that men can pretend they are superior in logic. They aren’t, they’re just taught how to be manipulative bastards. Since everyone does it, women just think all men are broken and they have to live with this shit. Ladies, you don’t.
  • Forcing women to demean themselves by the way they dress to get a date is utter bullshit.
  • Makeup exists for showing a man what you look like in the middle of sex. Please stop putting it on. Respect yourself, woman! Protect your bedroom self from the public until you’ve caught your man!
  • The try-it-before-you-buy-it society we have today (premarital sex) hurts everyone. Sex is no longer sacred, as it should be. To swap bodily fluids with another person is the ultimate intimacy, yet we just jump into it like it’s an everyday act. (That’s RAPE.)
  • Any false pretense in a relationship means there is RAPE. Whoever is under the false impression is being RAPED. (Here’s looking at YOU, BEN.)
  • Tanking a woman’s sense of self and damaging her self-esteem just to try to keep her by your side is RAPE. (BEN.)
  • Telling a woman she’s not loved because of her size is RAPE. Your opinion IS NOT solicited and NOBODY ON PLANET EARTH needs a reminder they don’t fit in a model’s outfit. (I don’t even fit, ladies. Crystal calls this “being real-sized.”)
  • So many songs are full of rape terms and ideas, it’s UNREAL. Any song speaking of sex casually is rape, especially since the ladies never feel casually about sex, I’ve come to realize. (Thanks, babe.)
  • Women are taught to value their bodies like temples, then we devalue them to manipulate them and get whatever we want. RAPE.
  • Spreading STDs out of willful ignorance is RAPE.
  • Sleeping with other individuals outside of the relationship without permission is RAPE.
  • Imagining you’re fucking somebody else is RAPE. (BEN!)
  • Keeping images of ex-lovers to fantasize about them is RAPE. (BEN!!!!!)
  • Fantasizing about people who have never slept with you is RAPE.
  • Fantasizing about people who would never sleep with you is RAPE.
  • Fantasizing about children is RAPE. They cannot consent, you bastard!
  • Coercion is rape. DUH.
  • Manipulation is rape. DUH!
  • Lying is rape.
  • Forcing people to be something other than who they are is RAPE.
  • Not accepting people the way they are is RAPE.

Any act that does not involve connecting with a person you’re spending time with IS RAPE.

The purpose of sex is to connect spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. If you fail in any of the four aspects it IS RAPE.

(to be cont’d)

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