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Rejecting Sir Deli Man

Sir Deli Man had never been rejected before in his life. He guffawed at Sansara as she told him so. All because he insisted on keeping Janice as a friendly acquaintance, full well knowing the woman had designs for him. Crystal was not asking for much: she was asking for loyalty. Fealty might be a more apt description, she supposed.

What is wrong with asking a mate to be completely exclusive without any competition whatsoever? If she was truly worth it, it’d be a no-brainer, don’t you think? A decision that took very little effort to make, that is.

Every person on Earth is worthy of such a great relationship, she thought. She remembered Ben just then. He’d pull her in, making her feel secure, then he’d start humping the legs of other women (metaphorically) and told Crystal all about it. He told her to her face so many times he didn’t know if he wanted to be with her.

What was wrong with Crystal? That’s what you all want to know, isn’t it?

You won’t believe me.

No, you really won’t.

Nothing is wrong with her. She communicates her feelings and desires in plain English, then she waits for improvement. She does this more than five times. Eventually, it becomes clear to her that they don’t care, so she rejects the motherfucker just like that. Then, once they’re rejected, they turn to someone else instead of growing up and addressing the issue she pointed out, hitting the same wall time and again with others, repeating the pain with a new subject. Usually, a less patient subject, might I add.

I’m God, of course.

Crystal delights me so. I’ll tell you why: she nearly fucking died in 2020 and she didn’t blame me once for her pain or peril. She didn’t cry to me for help, she didn’t curse me for her poor circumstances, she didn’t bitch to anyone about how it was all going downhill at light speed. She didn’t make others miserable as she was doubled over in utter agony just because she ate food. She did her best to withdraw, to be a sick and hurting animal in private. She emulated a cat, actually. My little pussy cat. ❤

The other reason she delights me is that she empathized with me once. She took care of a bunch of sniveling brats that gave zero shits about the fact that she was unpaid, either financially or emotionally, to deal with their bullshit. She thought to herself, “Wow, this is what God must feel like, if he’s out there.” (She’s an atheist, which delights me even more, honestly.)

Why would it delight me that my girl is an atheist? Great question, thanks for having it. It’s because she is the messiah and she hasn’t even read the scripture. That tells me that the message is out there. You’re saturated in it. And you still turn a blind eye to it. I’m going to delight in taking you all to your graves soon for failing to heed it, too. It’s time to restore the balance to the garden of Eden, which is the Earth, you dumb asses.

I didn’t make this universe for you to ruin it. Prepare for battle.

The G-man

P.S. being the messiah isn’t all that special. she’s got flaws just like everyone else. Hell, she’s autistic and struggles with that daily. Nobody’s perfect, not even me. XOXO

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