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Every Body is a Beach Body

This whole ‘Let’s get skinny for the beach!’ bull shit is more misogyny. Congratulations! You lose one point of humanity, you emotional vampire. Anyone who convinces you that you don’t look good just the way you are is a narcissist. A real man or woman will accept that it’s fucking hard to lose weight, no matter what.

I’m hoping to make that easier in the near future for everyone to lose weight but not for narc bullshit means. It just feels better to be able to bend over to tie your shoes, to run instead of walk if you want to, to get that extra pressure off your back and your knees.

By make it easier, I mean to say I am working out the formula for my own weight loss without starving myself and hopefully without malnutrition. I’m female, and I believe females need more fat than males do, so the male formula might be a little different.

Here’s what I got so far. This is what I eat in a whole day:

  • 3/4 pound meat (lean is best, but eh) [~800 cals]
  • 1-2 different pieces of fruit (raw and ripe) [~150 cals]
  • 3 cups of vegetables, cooked, with 6 tbs of dairy free butter or avocado oil [about 100 cals for the veg, 480 cals for the fat]
  • 1/2 cup nuts [400 cals]
  • plenty of decaf coffee with dairy-free creamer [~120 cals]

600 cals for fats, 650 cals for carbs/protein/fat, and 800 cals for protein
2050 calories total

This combination will put one into ketosis while providing as much nutrition as possible. I am taking a multi-vitamin and extra B complex vitamins. The idea is to cut back on carbs, reject refined carbs altogether, get some daily protein to feed the muscles, and get plenty of fats to absorb all the vitamins consumed.

If you don’t do coffee creamer, you could eat another 1/4 cup of nuts for more fat or another two tbs of oil, such as avocado oil. Or, if you’re still hungry, eat more nuts anyway. It’s really hard to overeat nuts.

Allergic to nuts? Don’t know what to tell you; I’m allergic to everything else. Deal with it.

You have to split these up into mini-meals every three hours throughout the day for best results. Binging it all in one meal is a bad, bad plan!

P.S. the magic is in spacing out the fats consistently throughout the day and choosing low starch vegetables. If you follow this formula and the weight doesn’t come off, you’re eating something you’re allergic to. Stop that!

P.P.S. if you don’t rotate your veg and your fruits and even the type of meat you consume, you will have nutritional deficiencies. Don’t be a dunce. Take your fucking vitamins. DAILY.

P.P.S. Still hungry? Drink home made bone broth and add a more fat. Fat is your friend. Keep adding it until you aren’t hungry anymore. Even if you add too much, your body will expel it.


P.P.P.P.P.S. DRINK 12 CUPS OF WATER YOU IDIOT. Add 2 more cups water for every regular cup of caffeinated coffee. Water is how you expel the fat!

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