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You guys… this is bad. Crystal is facing another suicidal episode. Not even upbeat happy music is getting through to her. Someone is laying some hardcore hate on her.

I need you to join me in healing her, you guys! I’m going to teach you Universal Reiki 101, Sansara style!

Put your hands together palm to palm, as if to pray. Touch your thumbs to your sternum in the middle of your chest there. Yup. Hello, handsome/gorgeous prayer warrior. We’re ready to begin now.

Open your heart to the LOVE! All the laughter she’s brought you, all the silly shit she’s said that made your day a little brighter. Think about it.

And you win. You’re a healer. You’ve healed my girl. I knew you could do it!

Now… if you still have any energy left… please think about how much you love being alive on planet Urth. That’s right. We’re ‘praying’ for planet Urth. Gaia is her spirit’s name. She’d love it if you’d pick up the trash on the ground, stop drilling into her, and clean up her oceans. But since you are probably not in a position to affect that change immediately, please just think healing thoughts, loving thoughts, to our Urth mother.

Thank you ❤

Luv, Sansara

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