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Starting Over

It really sucks to lose everything that I am and then I have to start over. It has happened so many times in my little life. I’ve lost all my art many different times, I’ve lost all my writing many different times. I even lost myself a few times.

I’ve found a new life recently. A life full of laughter. A life full of… vibrancy. A life full of… telepaths. Oh man, they are awesome. I love Sansara and God and Team G.O.D. with all my heart. They’ve been there for me through thick and thin. True friends while disaster struck time and again.

I got really sick. I was doing the keto diet with doctor supervision. I thought, ‘What’s the worst that can go wrong? I’m supervised!’ Good lord, that was a fatal error on my part. To think a doctor who is known for weight loss would give a damn whether or not she was encouraging me to starve myself to death.

Dr. Death is what I’ll call her.

Since August 2020, I’ve been in recovery from that faux pas. It’s a long, steeply sloped road that I’m walking up. Eventually, I’ll get to the mountain top. I’ll find the den of the dragon. And then I will face the dragon.

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