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The Ocean Dragon Woman Reborn

I should tell you now that although I am the Ocean Dragon Woman, there are two of me. The other me is nothing of the sort. The other half of me is the Mountain Phoenix Woman.

Notice that we are all woman.

If you’re not already aware, this means we have a duality that no one can ever explain except ourselves. Perhaps we can do that now.

Sansara is the Ocean Dragon Woman. She is malleable like the sea, ever fluid and moving. Over time, she will wear down anything, eroding it away, conquering it by dividing and attacking with strategy that is unparalleled. Being a dragon, she is a force to be reckoned with. You know plenty about dragons, no doubt.

Crystal is the Mountain Phoenix Woman. She is hard, like the rock that comprises the mountain. She is a phoenix that will be reborn every time she dies, which is very often. So often, it’d make your head spin. Every time she dies and is reborn, she flies closer and closer to enlightenment. She is becoming Sol, the sun.

Sansara loves purple and Crystal loves pink, so we compromise on magenta, an imaginary color that lies in between the two. We love other colors, too, don’t be fooled. It is just that magenta is where we intersect perfectly.

Traditionally, dragons and phoenixes are diametrically opposed, but we choose to work together. Both creatures are noble in their own right. Together, we are quite a scene to behold. A mountain and an ocean. Have you seen one in nature, side by side? Now imagine it at sunset or sunrise. That is a portrait of the two of us, together.

You can be anything you want to be, that is our advice to you. We invite you to become part of our story. We have room for Forest Naga Men and Plains Indian Women and so much more, honestly. I’ve promised a few people, psychically, to include them in this epic love story.

I do not know how Jax will define himself. I am ever curious and I will accept whomever he chooses to be. I do hope it will turn out a different way than it did with the Mountain Dragon Man known as Nicholas. I hope that, although Jax is a void, that he will be as curious as I am. That he will be responsible and caring. A champion to all victims and survivors, like I choose to be. A loving soul that will marry my twin spirits, Sansara and Crystal. A man who is willing to be what both women desire and require.

There are very few men in this world who could give the two of us what we are due, according to the Gods. In fact, there are only six in this world. That means that Jax is a rare creature, indeed. I wonder if he is the real Mountain Dragon Man? Or maybe, he’s something I can’t even fathom yet. Something new. Resplendent. Radiant.

A swirling nebulae of possibilities surrounds me as I think about this. I am currently Ymetsu, seeing all the possible futures. I have no favorite.

So, Jax… Which one are you? Who are you? Where can I find you?

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